Monday, July 19, 2010

Matrimonial Daisies

As you may or may not know, I'm getting married quite soon. August 14th, in fact.

When I asked my "best friend since I was five" Mel to be my maid of honour, I thought a lot about what type of person she is and what she means to me. She is a strong, intelligent, compassionate woman who loves the outdoors. No matter how much time passes between us, it takes all of ten seconds to reconnect.

I've been designing my own shrug for the big event (post coming soon, if I finish it in time) and this of course involved scouring the web for stitch patterns. In true yarn addict style, I found and bought yarn long before I had a pattern. In this case, I had snatched up some discontinued Debbie Bliss 100% silk from the sale bin at Loop.

But that, my friends, is a whole other kettle of knit.

I wanted to knit something lovely for Melissa, but at the same time I wanted the gift to be practical.  She isn't the delicate lace shawl type. In my pattern searching, I found the Daisy Stitch Hand Warmers pattern by Whitney van Nes. I hadn't come across this pattern before, though it's been around quite some time. I fell in love with it.

It seems like a funny knit for summertime, but hey! I’m odd like that. I knew that my truck driving, outdoor loving, black dog owning friend would make much use of them.

For once I had a pattern before I had the yarn. Off I traipsed to Loop, at their new Camden Passage location. There I became enamored with Rowan Lima.

Rowan Lima is amazing to knit with. It’s so soft. The stitch doesn’t have as much definition as it would in a crisper wool, but I liked the effect. With black dog hair friendly colours in hand, I set about knitting.

I have to say that this is the second of Whit's knits I've done, and both patterns have been absolutely wonderful. Easy to follow, great accompanying photos for help, and a fabulous finished product. Most of all, it was fun.

Now I have my present in hand, and enough yarn for another pair. I have the sneaking suspicion the next pair will end up in my own collection.

Now to finish my shrug!

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