Sunday, June 6, 2010

Backlog of FOs

It's been awhile, yes yes. I'm still using the excuse of having a baby as an explanation for my lack of posts.

I have, however, managed to sneak in the time to finish a few WIPs lying despondently around the house.

The Springtime Bandit shawl/scarf was an epic project for me. For some reason, I just couldn't get into the pattern. I don't like charts that only show half the rows, for one thing. I also didn't like the roaming stitch markers.

The yarn almost made up for it, though. The Berroco Ultra Light Alpaca in fingering weight is what I chose, anticipating a lighter and lacier finished product. Alpaca is so warm, a thin layer would do.

Well, enough chitter chatter, on to the yarn porn!
The colour of the yarn is brilliant, and it was wonderful to work with.  A bit splitty if I wasn't paying attention, but that's my own inability to concentrate and no fault of the yarn. I am very pleased with the final result, but it's not a knit I enjoyed. I can't explain exactly why; perhaps because it wasn't relaxing.

I also finished the Squash hat pattern from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders for my baby. There is a surplus of Rowan DK Cashsoft in my stash so I decided to make something quick and easy whilst on the train.

That's her, modelling it when she's several days old. Unfortunately there isn't much call for a warm woolly hat at this time of year. She's worn it several times, but it may be passed on to a winter baby. The pattern was easy to follow and it was a quick knit. There is a definite squee factor when you see it on a tiny head!

Currently I'm working on a Tomten jacket for the droplet in cotton. She needs a light summer jacket. No pink, though. We've been inundated with pink. It's a nice, in your face red. I've also been knitting her a pair of legwarmers, since trousers are almost impossible to wrestle on and off.

I've also been working away at a Stitched Self for the Stitch London Science Museum shenanigans. I will post about that in the very near future. I'm very please with how the little me is turning out!

My big project of the moment is a design for my wedding shrug. I'm currently swatching lace and stitch patterns, and hope to cast on soon!

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