Friday, February 19, 2010

Service Denied

The local coffee shop in Shoreditch has not once but twice managed to get on my nerves this week. Beware the wrath of the blogger.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant. I have, throughout my pregnancy, been drinking a maximum of two cups of coffee a day, which is the recommended limit from the medical community.  For the last several weeks, I've switched to decaf at home. There is no scientific evidence to support that light caffeine consumption has any effect on the baby's development.

Many people feel that they have the right to offer you unsolicited advice or judgment as soon as they discover your pregnant.  Apparently the barista at The Bean is one such person.

Several days ago, a colleague and I went in for an afternoon coffee. I ordered an Americano with milk.  The barista looked me up and down and said, "Decaf?" in a condescending tone. 

"No," I replied.

Off she huffed to make the coffee, which took longer than usual, because SHE MADE ME A DECAF ANYWAY.

Rather than make a scene, I just left.

This morning has been busy at work, so I decided to go for a coffee and a pastry as an escape.  Another barista served me, and happily started making my evilly caffeinated beverage. My blonde friend from several days ago retrieved the coffee, again looked me up and down, and huffed. Set the coffee in front of me without a word, gave me a dirty look, and went back to doing whatever self righteous baristas do when they aren't serving customers.

This is a good point to start ranting and raving, but you've all heard it before.

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